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Gingerbread House
Our Historic Building is one of three, registered "Gingerbread Houses" in the U.S.  The term comes from the "Carpenter Gothic" trim on the exterior of the house, which was built in 1865 and occupied by the John C. Edwards family in September 1865. Four generations of the Edwards family lived in the house and it had been vacant for nearly 25 years.  The house was in very poor condition when my wife Margaret and I purchased the house in January 2007.  We completed many hours of "paperwork and photos" and applied to the National Park Service for Certification and Registration of the house as an American Historical
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Building.  You can visit the Library of Congress website under the category Historic American Architecture/Historic American Buildings and enter "Gingerbread House Opelika, AL" in the search window.  We completed the restoration in March 2009 with no changes in the exterior.  The Gingerbread House is a "museum" in itself. "Ya'll Come To See Us".