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Welcome To Old Timers & Chimers Clock Shop and Museum
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Welcome to Old Timers & Chimers Clock Shop and Museum - The only one of its' kind south of the Mason Dixon Line!

    Our Shop and Museum is rich in History as our building is a Carpenter Gothic dating from 1865.  It is a "Certified Historic American Building" and is listed with The National Park Service on The Library of Congress website as "The Gingerbread House of Opelika, AL.

    Our history begins the night I was born at home on the family farm five miles south of Plains, GA in 1942.  The first thing I heard when I came into the world was an old Wm. L. Gilbert shelf clock, "ticking and striking".  Mama said "it sounds like somebody beating a dishpan with a spoon".  Well, I bonded with that old clock, which I still have today.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it! 

    It was 1995 before I decided to offer my services to the public and I created "The Old Timers & Chimers Clock Shop".  The "Museum" developed gradually as I decided I wanted to share some of my best clocks with the public and create interest  in Clockmaking and Clock Collecting among our younger generation.

    We offer repair on a limited basis and specialize in American and German clocks.  We will repair most any clock however, since we have many beautiful French, English, German and American clocks for sale.  We offer Tours of our Museum with Guide and part of that tour is the history of our building for those that are interested in Southern History around the Civil War Period.

    We recommend advance appointments, particularly if you are on a tight schedule when visiting the area.

    Check out our clocks and call or email us if we can be of service.  Thank you for visiting with us and come back often.
                                                                                                     John &  Margaret Hendricks and Lauren Wesley